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Posted on December 21st, 2020

Dear MIP customers, 

We’re pleased to announce that MIP version 2020.3 is now available for download. As a reminder, this release contains high-quality updates such as reporting enhancements, defect fixes, new tools to provide us feedback, and more. 

1099 and W2 filing deadlines are fast approaching. Here are the deadlines to efile through Aatrix.

W2/1099 Federal, Employee, Recipient deadline Thursday, January 28 at 4:00 EST.

Click here to Download MIP v2020.3 

Updates within this release include: 

  • New opportunities to provide us feedback: We’ve implemented two new tools, Wootric and Feature Upvote, that enable you to provide feedback to our product team directly: 
  • You’ll now find opportunities to share whether you would recommend MIP to others directly within the platform. 
  • We’ve implemented a new tool, Feature Upvote, which is an enhanced replacement for our Ideas Portal that provides improved moderation support to prevent spam. We’ll continue migrating ideas from the existing portal over time, so please note there may be a delay between the time of your submission and when it will appear on the site. 
  • Expanded API capabilities: Our API supports new endpoints, including budgets transactions, encumbrances transactions, encumbrances liquidations transactions, account balances, budget balances, customer balances, vendor balances, and encumbrance balances. For more information visit our API documentation at: 

Additional updates within our classic user interface include: 

  • Quality improvements: This release includes several quality enhancements based on reported issues and customer feedback. 
  • Simplified export options: Our “Red Door” export options no longer include Microsoft Access and Word. 
  • Transaction Conversion to NEC-01: All 2020 MISC-07 transaction data will be updated to NEC-01, and any remaining vendor defaults that still use MISC-07 will be updated to NEC-01 as well. 
  • New Reports: Additional reports are now available to support meeting EEO compliance requirements. 
  • NOTE: This release is required in order to process 1099s and W-2s through Aatrix for Tax Year 2020.

FTM MIP Training Schedule-Please review click on the live webcast class listed below.  If you would prefer we provide customized courses at your location, please contact us to develop a customized training program using your database. Registration Fee for each course is $199.

FAC261-MIP Fund Accounting 1099 Processing-January 7, 2021 9:00-11:00 EST
FAC260-MIP Fund Accounting W-2 Processing-January 6, 2021 9:00-11:00 EST

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For other helpful articles and Support trending topics, please see the resources below: 

Version 2020.3.1 released to on premise customers on 12/23/2020.

This update also includes the following Federal changes:

  • FIT Witholding
  • FUTA Withholding
  • FICA Withholding
  • W-2 Report Calculation values through 2021
  • Please note: To complete the tax update process, you may need to manually update your State Unemployment Tax and/or Other Tax code rates, wage limits, or amounts
  • This update is cumulative and includes all previous revisions.
  • On Premise customers click here to download the .dll.
  • After downloading, extract and copy the Npstax.dll.
  • Paste and replace the file of the same name in the following workstation directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\MIP\Progs.
  • To verify the update, right click on Npstax.dll located in C:\Program Files(x86)\MIP\Progs, select the Details tab and confirm the product version is 2020.3.1.0
  • To apply this update the existing MIP workstation should be version 2020.3.0 Replace the Npstax.dll on any workstation where payroll may be processed.

Note: This state tax withholding update does not change the application version of your MIP workstation. That version will remain at 2020.3.0 and can be verified under Help > About MIP.

Please let us know if we can be of any assistance.

Best Regards,


James A Simpson, CPA, CFE, CITP, CGMA|Director, FTM

Financial Technologies & Management

Office: 317.819.0780|Mobile: 317.908.6869


MIP Fund Accounting Support: 800-945-3278 or

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