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Nonprofit Bookkeeping

Carmel Bookkeeping for Nonprofits from Experienced CPAs

nonprofit concept illustrationAs a nonprofit, you must pay close attention to every resource and be judicious in how you use them to help your organization accomplish its goals. Knowing what resources you have available is vital to ensuring you can continue your work, but trying to accomplish this in-house can be difficult. Outsourced nonprofit bookkeeping takes the burden off your people and provides your organization with a clear and accurate picture of available funds and how they can be applied.

Financial Technologies & Management works exclusively with nonprofits like yours to provide efficient and professional bookkeeping services in Carmel and beyond. Our accountants are well versed in the nuanced requirements of nonprofits and can help you organize your financial data effectively according to all legal standards and accounting best practices.

We are flexible and accommodating to your needs, able to work virtually, on-site, or in combination as needed. Our team will gladly work with you on a permanent, interim, or project-by-project basis, so you'll have the exact level of service your nonprofit needs. Contact Financial Technologies & Management today to schedule your consultation for expert nonprofit bookkeeping in Carmel.

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Why Choose Outsourced Bookkeeping for Your Nonprofit?

If you've always tried to handle your bookkeeping in-house, you may be unaware of what outsourced bookkeeping can offer and whether it will meet your organization's needs. You may be surprised by what a difference it can make when you put your financial data in the hands of an accountant with years of nonprofit-based experience. Here are a few of the ways your organization might benefit from outsourcing your bookkeeping needs.

Efficiency - While in-house employees might have to juggle multiple positions and duties, our accountants are focused exclusively on your bookkeeping needs. We get to know your nonprofit and how it operates so that we can organize your financial data into a system that is both legally compliant and suitable for the size and structure of your group.

Flexibility - Our CPAs are happy to work alongside your team to ensure that you receive the services you need. You can put your entire bookkeeping and accounting in our hands and count on us to deliver timely and accurate service. If you already have a person in-house handling the day-to-day needs, we can provide professional support at the level you require.

Expertise - Our exclusive work with nonprofits allows us to understand the expectations and challenges you face and how we can support you effectively. We offer several bookkeeping service options and can help you find the perfect approach to meet your needs. Our staff is regularly trained in best practices and up to date on nonprofit bookkeeping software.

Our Complete Nonprofit Bookkeeping Services

When you consider an accounting firm for nonprofit bookkeeping in Carmel, you want to know that they can handle even your most complex needs. Financial Technologies & Management is committed to providing effective and comprehensive services with a wide range of applications for nonprofits like yours.

As your accountants, we can offer:

  • Granular bookkeeping that includes primary financial documentation on accounts payable, cash disbursements, receivable accounts, and cash receipt recordings
  • Payroll recording, regardless of whether we are also handling your payroll functions
  • Budget entries to track resources, project progression, and remainder of funds
  • Journal entries that elaborate on resources, funding, and expenses that lie outside of the standard organization and categories

Our accountants understand that bookkeeping for nonprofits requires a more fluid approach that allows you to see the data from different angles quickly. We can organize your records by fund, program, department, or location, allowing you to evaluate your position based on the most relevant data for your current needs and goals. With a solid and well-organized system in place, you'll be able to make informed decisions that help you become more effective at what you do.

Having the data in place and accurate is only part of a successful bookkeeping and accounting process. Once your ledgers are complete, we can deliver a broad range of reports to suit your specific goals. When you pair our bookkeeping with our nonprofit accounting services, our team can help you take a deeper dive through your finances to understand how they affect your goals.

Choosing the Right Accounting Software

business woman at her desk using calculatorThere may be countless options for accounting software, but it can also be unclear which software can meet the unique requirements of a nonprofit. Our CPAs are familiar with various types of nonprofit bookkeeping software and can easily work with your preferred system. We know our way around QuickBooks® Online and Desktop, and can help you optimize your platform of choice to fit your organizational style and daily demands.

MIP® Fund Accounting, a program designed specifically for nonprofits, is another software we know well, and we can help ensure you get the most out of its intuitive design. Our firm recommends and uses this software on a daily basis to handle your accounting needs. It functions as our primary nonprofit accounting software solution in Carmel. For more information, please download our free client case study.

Empowering Nonprofits with Bookkeeping in Carmel

Just as your team is passionate for your cause, our team at Financial Technologies & Management is passionate about supporting you. We're committed to delivering reliable and accurate nonprofit bookkeeping in Carmel that prepares you for every step toward your short- and long-term goals. If you're ready for your nonprofit to get the quality bookkeeping it needs, contact our firm today to schedule your consultation.

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