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Nonprofit Accounting

Carmel Accounting for Nonprofits from Experienced CPAs

nonprofit accounting in CarmelYour nonprofit is focused on serving others and making an impact, but having to maintain day-to-day accounting can sometimes get in the way. Financial Technologies & Management can take the burden of accounting off your shoulders and give you the support you need to achieve long-term goals.

Our CPAs offer first-rate accounting built on years of experience working with nonprofits. We understand your specific needs and have the skills and comprehensive services to see things through for you. Best of all, our virtual platform allows us to provide flexible assistance throughout the year. For more information on our Carmel-based nonprofit accounting services, contact our office and schedule a consultation today.

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Why Outsourced Accounting Benefits Nonprofits

As a nonprofit, you are constantly faced with decisions that balance between maintaining your financial obligations and meeting your goals. Many nonprofit organizations often feel the pinch of not having enough resources. However, accounting activities must be completed in a timely and accurate fashion with complete reporting.

Outsourcing ensures that your accounting gets done while providing you with several advantages. Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing to a nonprofit-focused accounting firm like Financial Technologies & Management:

  • Seasoned Expertise: Outsourced accounting provides you with access to someone with experience and insight. Our experts can help you organize and optimize your financial operations.
  • Reduced Costs: Being outsourced, you won't have to devote the same resources as you would with an in-house team, giving you all the benefits at a fraction of the cost.
  • Nonprofit Status Protection: You'll have a team who not only understands the complexity of nonprofit accounting, but who is committed to staying up to date on the latest regulations so that your status is always protected.

Our accounting services will help your organization improve its financial operations and capacity. While we provide these services, your finance department will increase its efficiency and effectiveness with reduced staff costs and turnover.

How Our Team Can Help

close up of business meetingMany nonprofits turn to Financial Technologies & Management for outsourced nonprofit accounting services in Carmel. They rely on our financial management and our singular focus on nonprofits. We understand the particular requirements of nonprofit organizations when it comes to fund and program accounting, including the reporting you need for internal use, the board, and compliance.

The nonprofits that work with us enjoy the control, clarity, and confidence that come with sound financial management. Our services are highly adaptive, able to accommodate your organization's particular needs. We're happy to work with you whether you're looking to fill the void left by a departing accountant, stepping up from poorly handled service, or you're starting your accounting entirely from scratch.

You may be unsure of whether you require full accounting services or if you can get by with simple bookkeeping. Many of our clients begin with bookkeeping services and expand to accounting once they see how thoroughly we can help them. We can maintain your records, deliver meaningful reports, and manage your financial transactions at all levels. When you need us, our team can do even more for you with our outsourced nonprofit controller/advisory services.

Our Carmel-Based Nonprofit Accounting

What makes accounting such a valuable service is that it goes far beyond the straightforward numbers and recording of bookkeeping. With our accounting services, your nonprofit will have access to experts who can help you evaluate your records and make smart, informed choices that promote your organization's success.

We use and recommend Abila MIP Fund Accounting Software, designed specifically to meet the complex needs of nonprofits. We've seen how the right software can make a difference for organizations like yours and are happy to help you with setup and routine maintenance. To learn more about the benefits of this program, view our case study.

We offer comprehensive accounting that delivers efficient and accurate results through various actions, including:

Bank Reconciliation: Ensuring your accounts match what's in your records is vital for budgeting and avoiding hefty fines for misreporting income. We can perform regular reconciliation to help you avoid simple errors like misallocating funds or failing to track small donations.

Financial Reporting: When you have a clear picture of your numbers, you can better decide how to distribute funds across your various operations to be as effective as possible.

Operations: Keeping your nonprofit running smoothly by maintaining a consistent flow of cash will help you uphold a reputation for effectiveness and reliability.

Payroll Processing: While nonprofits frequently work with volunteers, you'll always have a few invaluable staff members on hand providing the foundational work. We can handle your payroll processing to see that they're fairly compensated for their work and your payroll stays compliant.

Nonprofit Grants and Claim Preparation: Collecting large donations and grants is often a delicate partnership. Supporters want to know that their money will be put to the best possible use. Our Carmel nonprofit accounting team can provide the necessary reports to give potential donors a solid understanding of your organization, inspiring confidence that their support is making a difference.

Reconciliation of Balance Sheets, Accruals, or Deferred Expenses: Our team will consistently review your balance sheets to give you an accurate picture of your financial situation. We show you what you have in available funds versus what's already earmarked for a particular purpose. This service often dovetails with our nonprofit advisory services to give you an experienced outside viewpoint and help you meet long-term goals.

We want to help you and your staff become as efficient as possible. We offer numerous resources, including articles, videos, documents, and online events that help your members increase their accounting aptitude to carry out your daily operations smoothly.

Nonprofit Accounting Support in Carmel

At Financial Technologies & Management, we're passionate about helping organizations like yours achieve their goals through effective financial management. We provide the accounting services you need to protect your nonprofit status and make a difference in your community.

Our Carmel-based nonprofit accounting services are built around commitment, expertise, and dependability. Contact us today to get the accounting support that will help you reach your goals well into the future.

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