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MIP Software Advisory Services

FTM Software Advisory Services-Abila MIP Implementation, Training, and Support

An authorized business partner and certified consultant for Abila MIP Fund Accounting and MIP Cloud since 1999, Financial Technologies & Management has over 150 Abila MIP software implementations.  This has helped us develop an in depth knowledge of our clients with any Abila MIP software advisory services they need.    From training to support services, we have the necessary accounting knowledge to ensure our software implementations are completed, and the software is better utilized.  Our firm works with Abila MIP Fund Accounting each and every day for our clients.

Our Software Advisory Services include the following:

  • Software evaluation and needs assessment (New or Existing Software)
  • Nonprofit Accounting Software Sales
  • Nonprofit Software Implementation, Training, and Support
  • Nonprofit Software System Review to improve and enhance software utilization
  • Nonprofit Software data conversion and software integration
  • Nonprofit Software Project and Staff Management

Three-Phase Approach to Implementation

At our consulting company, we take the time to focus on creating a process that guarantees a solution tailored to your needs. We believe that by actually listening to the needs of your organization, we can deliver solutions that maximize your successes and minimize your disruptions.

Our software advisory services are comprised of Abila MIP implementation, training, and support services. All services are provided to ensure a successful and comprehensive software implementation project.

Phase 1 – During this phase, we review your requirements in detail and plan for their implementation.

Phase 2 – This phase is where we complete your system implementation.  We also work with your organization to provide necessary training and support.

The software implementation includes the following areas:

  • Software Implementation including Software Training & Support
  • Module Setup and Customization
  • Data Conversion
  • Custom Development of Transaction & Financial Reports
  • Individual & Group Software Training

Our Software Implementation will include the following:

  • Proper and efficient use of the software.
  • Apply our knowledge of software and accounting to your organization for best practices

Phase 3 – During this phase, we will focus on additional advisory services to complete the Abila MIP implementation.  We also provide a follow-up plan designed to keep your staff and system up-to-date with latest software enhancements.  This allows us to adjust the software to your changing needs.

FTM’s philosophy is to provide our clients with an ongoing professional services relationship that helps ensure continued success with your software.  We believe that you need a comprehensive plan that includes FTM and Abila MIP.

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