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MIP Software Advisory Services

FTM Software Advisory Services-MIP Fund Accounting Implementation, Training, and Support

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Your local business partner, certified trainer, and certified consultant for MIP Fund Accounting and MIP Cloud

FTM has served as your trusted MIP expert since 1999 to resell and implement MIP Fund Accounting and MIP Cloud to over 150 Nonprofit Organizations.  We serve our local communties with our feet on the street approach.  Our firm is regorously certified and annually recertified to make sure that we stay on the latest software developments and comprehensively understand the MIP software.

We have an in depth knowledge of our clients through our comprehensive software advisor services.  We provide the essential accounting knowledge to ensure our software implementations are successful, and the software is fully utilized.  Our firm works with MIP Fund Accounting each and every day for our clients.

We would encourage you to participate in the free local MIP User Group and Nonprofit Forums that we have conducted to our local communities since 2000.   You can see our upcoming training schedule on our financial management sub training pages for our nonprofit forum and mip fund accounting.

Our Software Advisory Services include the following:

  • MIP Fund Accounting Software evaluation and needs assessment (New or Existing Software)
  • MIP Fund Accounting Software Sales including new sales and adding modules for existing clients
  • MIP Fund Accounting Software Implementation, Training, and Support
  • MIP Fund Accounting Software System Review to improve and enhance software utilization
  • MIP Fund Accounting Software data conversion and software integration
  • MIP Fund Accounting Software Project and Staff Management

Our MIP® training and consulting are unique, assigning a consultant to your organization throughout your training and/or consulting process. Our training consultants have extensive experience; whether you need basic or advanced training, a new implementation or reimplementation, system review or a system upgrade, your consultant will provide consistency and stability throughout the transition.

Implementation and Training Services

Our unique approach involves assigning a single consultant to your organization who will assist you throughout the implementation process from initial needs assessment to configuration, training and satisfying the unique needs of your organization.  Our “single source” approach to implementations provides consistency and stability throughout your transition to new software. As your needs become more advanced beyond the initial implementation, we offer training focused on advanced topics and how to further leverage features of the software.  New users will obtain the training needed to successfully perform their duties. You may wish to plan on periodic training services to protect your software investment and make the best use of the system.

System Review and Evaluating Whether a New Module Makes Sense

Our system review services provide recommendations on how your organization can better leverage the software. Because of our experience and knowledge acquired by working with similar organizations, we can discuss pertinent benefits of adding additional modules. We can also recommend supplemental or advanced training, upgrades, and adjustments to your setup. Your review will contain information on how to take full advantage of your software investment.

Upgrading Your System

We offer implementation packages designed to smoothly upgrade you to the latest product offerings. Our upgrade services provide expertise and training to allow you to take advantage of the latest features and enhancements. You will benefit from having a solid upgrade “PLAN” that addresses each critical step while minimizing workplace disruptions. Our implementation specialist will work closely with you from Planning through Training to make sure you are successful every step of the way.

Redesigning Your Accounting System to Better Meet Your Organization’s Needs

You may benefit from changes to your software setup. A carefully planned setup is the key ingredient for obtaining the desired results from any financial system. We have found that system design is the number one difference between successful and unsuccessful users. Our re-design services focus on your needs and obtaining the most from your accounting system.

Three-Phase Approach to Implementation

FTM takes the time to focus on creating a process that guarantees a solution tailored to your needs. We believe that by actually listening to the needs of your organization, we can deliver solutions that maximize your successes and minimize your disruptions.

All services are provided and available to ensure a successful and comprehensive software implementation project.

Phase 1 – During this phase, we review your requirements in detail and plan for their implementation.

Phase 2 – This phase is where we complete your system implementation.  We also work with your organization to provide necessary training and support.

The software implementation includes the following areas:

  • Software Implementation including Software Training & Support
  • Module Setup and Customization
  • Data Conversion and Software Integration
  • Custom Development of Transaction & Financial Reports
  • Individual & Group Software Training

Our Software Implementation will include the following:

  • Proper and efficient use of the software.
  • Apply our knowledge of software and accounting to your organization for best practices

Phase 3 – During this phase, we will focus on additional advisory services to fully complete the MIP Fund Accounting Software Implementation.  We also provide a follow-up plan designed to keep your staff and system up-to-date with latest software enhancements.  This allows us to adjust the software to your changing needs and staff transition or turnover.

FTM’s philosophy is to provide our clients with an ongoing professional services relationship that helps ensure continued success with your software.  We believe that you need a comprehensive plan that includes FTM and your MIP Fund Accounting Software.

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