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Araize FastFund Online Nonprofit Software

FastFund Online Nonprofit Software Solutions

Increase accountability to your funding sources with FastFund Online nonprofit software solutions from Araize. It provides cloud-based payroll, fund accounting, and fundraising tools tailored to the needs of nonprofit groups.

FastFund online nonprofit accounting software is a true nonprofit fund accounting software system that meets the specialized requirements of nonprofit organization.

Rely on Financial Technologies & Management (FTM) to assist you with optimizing FastFund Online's solutions for your particular needs. Our team will help you evaluate, select, implement, and deploy your system in a logical manner that eliminates delays. Contact us today to learn more about FastFund Online or explore other nonprofit accounting solutions. 

Modular Design for Seamless Integration

Nonprofit groups face unique financial challenges, and every group is different. Araize recognizes this, and that's why they designed FastFund Online with a modular build. FastFund modules can be purchased and integrated individually for affordable, flexible solutions.

Its cloud-computing software system seamlessly merges with accounts payable, accounts receivable, cost allocations, fundraising, and payroll. Plus, its single database structure consolidates your information for all clients, improves productivity, and reduces data entry time and errors. You will save time and money while generating the reports you need, and be better prepared for audits. In short, FastFund Online is more than nonprofit accounting software; it's an investment in the future wellbeing of your organization.

FastFund Online's Solutions

Customizable Chart of Accounts: Define an account structure that mirrors your organization structure. Based on a table-driven format, FastFund Online offers six account segments representing funds, programs, funding sources, departments, sites, and accounts.

FASB Compliant Financial Statements: Generate audit-ready, FASB-compliant financial statements with FastFund Online's nonprofit accounting solutions. Reports include Statement of Activities and Changes to Net Assets, Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Activities, and Functional Expenses and Fund Balance Reports. All reports can be run with comparative periods (crossing fiscal years for any time frame) and rounded to the nearest dollar. 

IRS Form 990: Compile all of the data you need to complete IRS Form 990 N, 990-EZ, and 990 with ease.

Cash Disbursements: Checks for expenses can be entered manually or set up to be printed. All other bank debits can be entered through cash disbursements for multiple cash accounts.

Automated Reversing Entries: Internal controls and audit trails are built into FastFund Online nonprofit software solutions to track and link reversing entries, making it easy to write-off old checks or invoices.

Budgets: Create budgets for each of your grants, departments, programs, and funds with an automatic roll-up for funds and organizational totals. FastFund Online makes exporting and importing from spreadsheets easy. You can also automatically create new budgets from prior year budgets, track major budget revisions by creating multiple budgets for a fiscal year, and generate comparison reports for the current period, year to date, and across fiscal years.

Automatic Fund Balancing: Set up multiple funds and automatically balance them with FastFund Online's nonprofit accounting software. Each fund is treated as its entity with separate trial balances and financial statements. All inter-fund transactions automatically create a fund balancing entry for your convenience. You can print a detailed audit trail of all fund balancing and source entries.

Cash Receipts: Cash receipts can be entered through the necessary software without any additional modules. All cash deposit transactions are grouped and posted in total to the cash account. If necessary, you can create multiple cash account. Also, a detailed deposit report can be printed and attached to your bank deposit slip.

Automated Recurring Entries: Mark entries as recurring and schedule them for automatic posting specific dates. FastFund Online's nonprofit software solutions also allow you to edit recurring transactions after posting, saving you data entry time.

Data Import: Import vendor and client details for a quick start-up. Data verification ensures validation before the import is complete.

Bank Reconciliation: The easy-to-use bank reconciliation function lists all deposits and other bank credits separately from checks and other bank debits. Mark all and unmark all functions expedite the process. Record bank adjustments directly in the nonprofit accounting software, and print a reconciliation worksheet for review. You can even revert reconciliations, if necessary.

Multiple Year-End Close Entries: Whether you have one fund or one thousand, each fund's excess or deficiency is closed out to its net asset account.

Internal Controls: All data entered, edited, or deleted is tracked by the user. "Soft close" the books to prevent entries by unapproved personnel or permanently close them to stop anyone from posting new transactions. Strict internal controls prohibit the editing of linked or cleared transactions.

Financial Technologies & Management will be there to assist you throughout the entire process. We’ll help you evaluate, select, implement, and deploy your system in a logical and practical way that eliminates unpleasant surprises or delays. We work solely with nonprofit organizations and government agencies and districts, bringing a comprehensive understanding of technology, software, and your unique accounting challenges.

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