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Community Action Agencies

Accounting Solutions for Community Action Agencies

Grant-funded community action agencies have unique and complex accounting needs. Luckily, the team here at FTM uses premier nonprofit accounting software to provide accounting solutions for community action agencies.

For these organizations to remain compliant, they need more than entry-level accounting software. They also need more than spreadsheets if they want to make timely, data-driven decisions. Furthermore, it is understandable that savvy executive and finance directors want a technology parent who understands how community action agencies operate. That is why so many of these organizations turn to our accounting firm and our MIP Fund Accounting software.

The Power of Abila MIP Fund Accounting

By using our powerful accounting software, community action agencies can benefit from several different abilities, including tracking various funding sources, grants, departments, programs, and functions across multiple fiscal years. They also save a significant amount of time thanks to system-generated reports with customizable charts. You will also be able to create and maintain complete and accurate audit trials to verify financial statement accuracy.

All of these solutions, and countless others, are why Abila MIP Fund Accounting has been voted the "Best Overall Nonprofit Accounting Software" five consecutive years in a national survey. Simply put, no other software gives you the same depth of functionality. Take advantage of all 24 modules, including:

  • Track different funding sources, grants, departments, programs, and functions across multiple fiscal years
  • Save significant time with system-generated reports - no more hours wasted on creating and maintaining external spreadsheets
  • Customize your chart of accounts to access data quickly for more efficient tracking and reporting
  • Create and maintain complete and accurate audit trails to verify financial statement accuracy

For 5 consecutive years Abila, MIP Fund Accounting has been voted ‘Best Overall Nonprofit Accounting Software’ in a national survey.

No other nonprofit accounting software gives you the depth of functionality that Abila MIP Fund Accounting offers through its 24 modules:

Accounts Payable EFT for A/P General Ledger
Accounts Receivable Electronic Requisitions Grant Administration
Advanced Security Employee Web Services Human Resources
Allocations Management Encumbrances Multi-currency
Bank Reconciliation Executive View Licenses Payroll
Budget Fixed Assets Purchase Order
Data Consolidation Forms Designer Scheduler
Data Import/Export GASB Reporting Visual Analyzer

A History of Excellence

Since 1999, FTM has been implementing and supporting MIP Fund Accounting and Microix Software solutions for our customers. We have a deep understanding of the software, accounting best practices, and technology. Have any questions? We can usually answer them for you immediately. This has made us the go-to nonprofit accounting software experts not just in our home state of Indiana, but across the entire country.

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