Why are so many nonprofit organizations outsourcing their accounting functions?

Less hassle.  Affordable.  Reliable.  Access to Expert Nonprofit Accounting Talent.

Outsourced nonprofit accounting is quickly becoming the first choice for upgrading the accounting function within nonprofit organizations for many reasons.

The first reason is that outsourcing firms have become more sophisticated and talent-rich.  You don’t have to worry about hiring.  You have an accredited, talented accounting team who works on your behalf.

The second reason is that it allows nonprofits to get the accurate reporting they need – on time and without disruption.If you would like to explore the benefits of outsourcing your accounting, simply fill out the form.

Enjoy eliminating the hassle of recruiting and retaining on staff accounting talent with a budget-friendly monthly fee.  No more scrambling to get the reports you need for the board meeting.  No more delayed month-end reporting.  No more disruption due to turnover, retirement, or time off.

At FTM we have a staff of qualified accountants who only work with nonprofit organizations.  Whether you need bookkeeping help, or higher level financial planning and analysis, or both – we can deliver exactly the type of support you need to address your challenges and pursue your aspirations.

We’re ready when you’re ready.

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