Outsourced CFO Advisory Services in Indianapolis

We show our clients how to develop capacity, redesign financial systems, and produce revealing insights.
During periods of transition, we co-source CFO and financial management duties.
We can provide advice on mergers and acquisitions
Additional Outsourced CFO Advisory Services in Indianapolis include financial systems planning and support, budget modeling and reporting, and activity based costing design and implementation.
FTM Outsourced CFO Advisory Services includes:

• Financial Statement and Reporting Analysis and Presentation
• Cash Management, Analysis and Projections
• Financial Systems Review
• Financial Management Consulting and Strategy
• Tax Return Consulting
• Designing and Improving Accounting Practices, Systems, and Financial Controls
• Cost Containment and Vendor Negotiations
• Board and Staff Presentation or Training
• Certified Fraud Examination Services for Forensic Accounting and Fraud Prevention
• Project & Staff Management

Please contact us should your organization need our firm’s Outsourced CFO advisory services in Indianapolis or Nonprofit bookkeeping services in Indianapolis.