Microix – Powering Your Nonprofit Management Solutions

Microix – Powering Your Nonprofit Workflow

Microix – Powering Your Nonprofit Workflow

Microix Workflow modules were developed for nonprofits that use Abila™ MIP Fund Accounting. Consisting of Budget, Requisition, Inventory and Timesheet, Microix’s Workflow Modules are specifically designed to integrate with MIP Fund Accounting for a nonprofit managment solution.

FTM has worked with many nonprofit organizations to help them extend the functionality of MIP Fund Accounting and enjoy the workflow features provided by Microix.

Microix Budget Module

Microix Budget Module is an advanced planning and reporting tool that allows you to create budget worksheets for any time period. Our system automates the process by building budget worksheets based on any program, fund grant, department, cost center or any other designation.

You may also pre-load the worksheets with current and prior year data from Abila Fund Accounting’s General Ledger. After managers finalize their budget worksheet, it may then be submitted to a multi-level approval process. Upon final approval, the worksheets are automatically transferred to Abila Fund Accounting Software as un-posted budget entries.

Enjoy the convenience of creating budgets on the fly

With the new easy-to-use interface, the Budget Module allows each department to prepare a preliminary budget on-line and submit it electronically for approval creating top of the line nonprofit management solutions.

Other features of Microix Budget include:

• Use Excel formulas to automatically generate next year’s budget entries from current year’s activities
• Completed worksheets can be routed to a multi-level approval process
• Approvers can re-route the budget worksheet to the originator for modifications
• Users can enter justifications for specific line items and worksheets
• Budget multi-year grants and programs in addition to annual fiscal year budget
• Budget each payroll position along with their benefits
• Consolidates all budget worksheets at any time during the budget preparation process for organization-wide reporting
• All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel or printed as a PDF document• Creates multiple versions of the same budget
• Distributes the budget automatically using MIP distribution codes
• Distributes the budget for each line item based on a predefined or customized monthly distribution code
• Displays budget vs. actual data for current and prior years
• Estimates remainder year based on current period
• Remain current using historical data imported from MIP general ledger and work with the data to help create new budget entries. The historical data can be refreshed from MIP Fund Accounting at any time, so you are always working with the latest numbers
• Budget worksheets can be approved from any smartphone, tablet or PC
• Seamless integration with Abila MIP Fund Accounting

Microix Requisitions Module

The Microix Requisition Module enables accountants and non-accounting staff to create purchase requests from their desktop computer. Microix Requisition/Purchase Order Module allows each department to enter a requisition electronically. As these are entered, the available funds are displayed on-line. Once the requisition has been approved through the multi-level approval process, it is converted to a purchase order and seamlessly transferred to Abila MIP FA as an un-posted encumbrance or A/P transaction.

Help control sending and tracking purchases throughout the entire process

Microix Requisition Module Features include:

Budget Control
Allows users and approvers to have real-time budget control allowing them to see the latest financial data in Abila Fund Accounting’s general ledger.
Purchase Order Entries
Users can easily enter and submit their own request by creating a new requisition document or by submitting and or copying an existing requisition, helping to increase accuracy and efficiency for frequently ordered items.
Purchase Order to Invoice
Works hand-in-hand with Abila Fund Accounting allowing easy integration with existing data. The Requester submits a requisition, waits for approval and them places the order. The purchase order is matched with the vendor invoice and transferred to Abila Fund Accounting Accounts Payable module.
Purchase Order to Encumbrance
The Requester submits a requisition, waits for approval and them places the order. The purchase order is encumbered in Abila Fund Accounting and later liquidated through the Abila invoicing process.
HTML Approval
Allow approving via a PC, Tablet or Smart Phone.
System Alert
Enforce policies by creating alerts. The system will send reminders when documents are not approved in a timely manner

Other features of Microix Requisition Module

• When approving documents, an alert can be triggered when users attempt to exceed their budget limit or the system can block users from submitting a document that exceed their budget.

• The Requisitions module works hand-in-hand with MIP Fund Accounting allowing easy integration with existing data.

• Receive instant answers to questions and maintain complete purchasing audit control with detailed information tracking.

• Analyzes purchase activities by department, users, vendors, or items.

• Utilizes approvals substitution to avoid delays when the original approver is on vacation or out of the office.

• Managers can approve, deny, modify, or return requisitions to the originator for corrections.

Microix Inventory Module

The Microix Inventory module allows you to efficiently and effectively manage your inventory. Working with Microix’s Requisition/Purchase Order module to leverage off of a proven workflow approval process and integrates with MIP Fund Accounting. Microix Inventory allows you to print physical count sheets at anytime; print barcodes for inventory items; and generate purchase order for items that are running low and send it through an approval process.

Microix Inventory Module Features Include:

Inventory Item Stored Information
The Inventory module is powerful and efficient tool that allows you to track and monitor your inventory in real-time. With one-touch reporting, you can track availability for ordering, demands, stock levels and valuation.
Inventory Shopping Items
Shop Inventory items list, and quickly create a “Request Items from Inventory” type requisition.
Current Stock Level
See all the items you have in inventory and which ones are in good standing based on your inventory level. Manage inventory adjustments for shortage, stolen and damaged items.
Inventory Valuation
Track movement of inventory to identify fast or slow moving products. You can even see seasonal demand patterns.
Inventory Demand
Get a picture on the movement of your inventory by month that will help you plan for the following year.
Seamless Integration
The Inventory module works with the Microix Requisition module and seamlessly integrates with MIP Fund Accounting.
Microix Timesheet Module

The Timesheet module makes it easy to record, track and approve timesheet data for the MIP Fund Accounting Payroll module. Combined with MIP Payroll, Timesheet will assist in providing a more efficient way of collecting and processing payroll data.

Microix Timesheet Features Include:

Web Time Clock
With its Graphical User Interface (GUI), tracking an employee’s timesheet is made simple.

Timesheet Entry Form
Your employees can now perform all of their tasks in one place including:

• Record hours/leave and expenses on timesheet
• Leave time can be requested and emailed for approval
• Hours can be charged to different funding sources simply by selecting a distribution code per entry
• Integration with MIP Fund Accounting’s earning and leave codes are available when creating a timesheet.

Managers and supervisors can easily
perform the following tasks:

• Approve multiple timesheets simultaneously
• Access the original timesheet and make necessary changes
• View timesheet summary information for each employee
• View audit trail of changes made to the original timesheet
• View leave calendar

Additional features:

• The system allows for group timesheet creation, where one individual can enter timesheet data for multiple employees
• Automatically creates a regular timesheet in Abila MIP Fund Accounting
• Printed timesheet displays recorded hours and summary of allocated hours to the responsible funding sources.

Microix is a trusted third party authorized software development partner for Abila™ MIP Fund Accounting since 2001. Microix provides add-on modules that are capable of extending your current functionality and investments in Abila. The Microix products are designed, engineered and built using industry standard tools for Microsoft such as SQL Server, ASP.NET, VB.NET and WCF/Web Services. Microix Workflow Modules (WFM) consist of four easy to use, feature rich modules including Requisition, Inventory, Budget and Timesheet. These modules are designed to seamlessly integrate with Abila™ MIP Fund Accounting Software.