Building a Better Budget:  The Nonprofit Roadmap

Financial Technologies & Management (FTM) is happy to make available to nonprofit organizations the new white paper “Building a Better Budget: The Nonprofit Budget Roadmap”.

A nonprofit’s annual budget is “one of the fundamental building blocks of sound financial management” according to The National Council for Nonprofits – and we couldn’t agree more.

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“Building a Better Budget: The Nonprofit Budget Roadmap” addresses:

Budget Development: Budget Process Practices: Assessing, Revising, and Monitoring the Budget:
• Should the budget balance?

• Cash versus accrual

• The 10 key successful budget process practices
• The Critical Who’s Who of the budget process

• Monitoring a better budget with technology

• The budget calendar

Properly planning a nonprofit budget is crucial to ensuring mission achievement.  Once created, the budget should serve as the guide to managing your nonprofit’s programs and financial responsibilities throughout the year.  As a rule, a schedule should be established four months prior to the end of the fiscal year to ensure key stakeholders – including the board of directors – are committed, in agreement, and ready to tackle the budget process.