Audit MIP Fund Accounting – Welcome Help In Preparing for an Audit

Abila MIP Fund Accounting will help you better prepare to audits.  We’ve also prepared a guide that will walk you through an efficient process as you prepare.

Download ‘The Nonprofit Audit Pocket Guide – A handy guidebook for before, during, and after the audit process’ by completing the short form.

Auditors are there to ensure your organization’s financial statements accurately reflect your financial state, for example:

  • • Adherence to GAAP
  • • Examination of internal controls
  • • Funding requirement compliance
An audit is intended to help your nonprofit and its mission. It’s an effective means for you to review your organization’s financial condition, and confirm everything’s in order. If anything’s amiss, look at it as an opportunity to strengthen your policies and record keeping and improve your fiscal health.

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